Your Customer Is Your Boss, Here Are 21 Ways You Can Impress Him


how to impress new customers? – Here are 21 Ways You Can Impress Him
It is not the employer who pays the wages.

Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.

Those were the famous words from Henry Ford.
I’ve recently been reading Jeffery Gitomer’s book on customer loyalty and its relationship with customer satisfaction and whoa, he’s got some super principles that I really connected with.

“Don’t be fooled by the signature at the bottom of your payroll check – the guy who signed the check didn’t put the money there – your customers did.” – Jeffery Gitomer.

Keeping customers happy is not always an easy task. Call centers can be overwhelmed by incoming calls and customers frustrated by tedious call interactions. However, there are simple actions that can not only keep the customer happy but also impress them. By making small changes in your call center process you can increase sentiment and customer retention. Here are six simple and sure-fire ways to impress your customers every time!
One that really stood out for me was this principle – Your Customer is your Paycheck.
With no customers, there is no money to pay you. He goes on to say that without customers, you’re not getting paid, your business is worthless, and your wallet is empty.
I think this is a great point and really flips the angle on customer service. If we treated all customers like they were our boss, we would go out our way to make sure their experience with us was 10 out of 10.
Here are 21 ways you can impress your boss customers:

 #1 Pick Up The Phone

It should come as no surprise that customers do not appreciate having to navigate through a maze of automated prompts when they call a support center. They are calling for support and hope you’ll help resolve their issue quickly.

Imagine, instead of finding themselves engaging with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system your customer hears a human agent on the other end of the line. It would not be a stretch to assume this customer would be thrilled to be speaking with another person who can listen to the request and respond accordingly in an expeditious fashion.

#2 Don’t Ask Them Twice

A customer should only be asked for their information once. Asking customers to repeat their information multiple times can create a frustrating experience. You wouldn’t ask someone In a face-to-face interaction for the same information multiple times. Why, then, would it be acceptable when it comes to customer service calls?

Take the time to consider what questions are asked and how many times during a customer service call. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and you can see why limiting the number of times the same questions are repeated might impress the customer.

#3 Provide Options

Many people reach for their phone to dial an 800 number when they have issues or questions related to a service or product. However, this is not always the preferred method of communication. In today’s world, people use an assortment of communication tools — email, apps, chat, and more — to resolve issues.  Offer your customers multiple ways to connect with your contact center to provide extra care and options that will please your customers.

#4 Resolve Problems Before They Even Arise

Because people use an assortment of social platforms to research products and services, give recommendations, and make complaints, it’s the perfect place to monitor conversations around your organization.

As you see issues arise and common questions surface, respond and take steps to resolve any issues immediately. Take it a step further by communicating your efforts via social platforms.

#5 Empowered Agents

Empowered agents always leave a good impression on customers.  If the goal is to resolve an issue, it’s imperative your agents have the capabilities and resources necessary to get the job done. The goal is to end a customer service call on a high note.

If the call ends without a resolution, the customer feels frustration or even anger. Make sure your agents are sufficiently trained on your product or service to increase customer engagement and make sure they have access to a knowledge base that quickly allows them to search for specific topics.

#6 Be Progressive

Consumerization has created a world of tech-savvy consumers always looking for the latest and greatest gadgets, apps, and services. Because of this, the demand for better customer service options has increased significantly.

Impress your customer base by implementing software, technologies, applications, and services that are top-of-the-line and provide seamless results.

What steps have you taken to impress your customers?

#7. Thank all your customers for their business, and mean it

This is pretty straightforward. Be thankful for your customer’s continued support and business. Without their purchases and repeat purchases, you wouldn’t be receiving your paycheck.
Saying thank you goes a long way to show you appreciate your customers. And… an appreciated customer is a happy customer.
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#8. Go out of your way to help your customers

Jeffery mentions in his book that customer service should be renamed to customer help. If every time you interacted with a customer and you thought help rather than service, I can guarantee your customers would have had a better experience.

Try going out your way to help your customers. You will be surprised how thankful they will be for your extra help, not to mention the customer loyalty it will build.

#9. Try to impress your customers, like you want a raise 

Remember every time you tried to impress your boss by going out your way for something or making sure you met some deadlines that seemed out of reach? Well… try doing that for your customers. Act like your customers are your boss, and do everything you can to impress them as if you wanted a raise.

#10. Think about your paycheck every time you talk to a customer

Next time you check your bank balance after pay-day or receive your hard copy check, think about whose money that really is. Think about your customers.

#11. Keep your promises and integrity

If you told your boss you would have some work done by close of business Friday, you’d make sure it’s done, wouldn’t you? Well, the same goes for your customers.

If you promise to call them at 4.30 – make sure you call them then, not 5 minutes later or the next day. Integrity goes a long way to building customer loyalty.

In wrapping this up, I’m probably going to have a few people yell out and say as if my employees care that much about our customers!

Well, I’m here to tell you that is what you should be aiming for. Businesses need to look at ways to create a customer-focused culture, where employees treat customers like the kings. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day… your customer is your paycheck

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