How to Keyword research for website to top in google search engine

The first thing you may want to do is to go to Google Keyword Planner, which is free.

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Keyword research is very nice. Because in 2018 danger for keywords Google is very active from spammer keywords.

Google keyword strategy:

Figure out what exact search terms are being used to search for their current services, and their search volumes across target markets. This would give them an idea of what to concentrate on while building their content calendar.

Find out which search terms are being used to search for their proposed new services and their search volumes across target countries. This would serve two purposes:

Identify the services that have high search volumes, so they could concentrate on a narrow set of offerings to prioritize for the next few months.

Identify which countries have better search volumes for which specific services. This would help their sales team know which services to push in which geographies.

the goal was comprehensive SEO keyword research

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The Usual Way

The usual way would have been to take the client’s services and run them through the Google Keyword Planner. Here are a few things that we would have to do:

Run each service term through the Keyword Planner and get a list of possible search terms around that service.

More importantly, an SEO professional would have to be constantly on the job, thinking up and running every possible combination. And even then, you cannot be sure if you have got all the keyword combinations out there.

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Time Spent: In our experience, given the number of services and target countries we were working with, this would have taken at least 8 hours of dedicated work to get the job done.

Time has taken the usual way: 8 hours

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Website Developments

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