Closing Secret #1… ‘No One Likes To Be Told What To Do!’ 
One of the main reasons why so many agents and advisors struggle with closing life insurance sales is they tend to lecture and tell prospects what they should do. Once the agent or advisor finds (or thinks they’ve found a problem the prospect has), they’ll immediately try to provide the prospect with their solution to the prospect’s problem. Doesn’t a salesperson telling a prospect what they should do create an automatic response from that prospect… of immediate resistance?
Think about it. Do you like to be told you have a problem? Do you like to be told what you should do? Don’t you automatically fight the idea? Aren’t you immediately skeptical? Wouldn’t you rather identify your own problems and come up with your own solutions?

“Telling is not selling; never make a statement if you can phrase it in the form of a questions ”
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For example, when most agents and advisors are talking to a family they’ll ask; “Do you have life insurance to pay off the mortgage if something were to happen to you.” If the prospect doesn’t have any mortgage insurance, then the agent or advisor immediately tells the prospect about a great new affordable product that will pay off the mortgage if the prospect dies, or about a great plan to pay off the mortgage early if the prospect lives. The prospect automatically says; “Let me think about it!”
Why? Because no one likes to be told what to do! No one likes to be sold. But, people do like to buy, if it’s their idea.
“People buy based on emotions and
then justify their decision based on logic.”

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The Top Life Insurance Produces have learned how to close more and much larger life insurance sales by helping their prospects identify and truly understand their problems. Then they help the prospect to come up with their own solutions.
These top producers know that… “People buy based on emotions and then justify their decision based on logic.” They’ve learned to ask questions, and have a real conversation to help prospects to ‘want to take action’ to solve their problems. So the prospect practically sells themself.
Here’s a quick simple example…
Agent: “If I may ask, do you currently have a mortgage on your home?”
Prospect: “Yes, I Do.”
Agent: “And, if I may ask, do you have insurance to pay off your home, for your family, if something were to happen to you?”
Prospect: “No I Don’t.”
Agent: “How do you feel about that?”
Prospect: “I never thought about it.”
Agent: “Well, if something were to happen to you, and your family lost your income, what would happen? What would they do?”
Prospect: “I guess they would have to sell the house and move in our parents.”
Agent: “Is that what you want them to have to do?”
Prospect: “No, but unfortunately I can’t do anything right now. I just can’t afford it.”
Agent: “I understand. None of has any extra money. But, do you feel it’s important to have the home paid-off for your family if you weren’t there tomorrow?”
Prospect: “Yes, I do.”
Agent: “Well, if I could show you how to get the insurance you need to protect your family, without taking any additional money out of your pocket and sacrificing your life style, would you like to know how?”
Prospect: “Yes, I would.”
Can you see the difference? We’ve helped the prospect to identify and understand their problem and become emotionally involved. Now that the prospect understands and agrees they want to solve the problem, we can work with the prospect to help them come up with their own solutions. Isn’t the prospect in fact selling themselves?
Remember, no one likes to be sold! If you learn to ask questions to help the prospect to identify and understand their own problems, and then help them find their own solutions, you’ll close more sales… And, in many cases it’ll be a much larger sale.
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