Friendship is one of the most valuable and rewarding relationships that we can have in our lives. It is a bond that is built on trust, mutual respect, and a deep understanding of each other. Friends are the people who stand by us through thick and thin, who offer us support and encouragement, and who make our lives richer and more fulfilling.

At its core, friendship is about connection. It is about finding someone who understands us on a fundamental level, who shares our interests and passions, and who accepts us for who we are, flaws and all. This connection is what makes friendships so powerful and enduring – it is a bond that can weather any storm and stand the test of time.

But what exactly makes a good friend? While the answer to this question may vary from person to person, there are a few key qualities that most people would agree are essential to any strong friendship.

First and foremost, a good friend is someone who is trustworthy. They are someone you can confide in, knowing that they will keep your secrets and never betray your trust. This kind of honesty and integrity is essential to building a strong and lasting friendship.

Another important quality in a friend is loyalty. A loyal friend is someone who is always there for you, no matter what. They are the ones who stand by you in difficult times, who offer you a shoulder to cry on, and who never judge or criticize you for your mistakes.

In addition to trust and loyalty, a good friend is also someone who is supportive and encouraging. They are the ones who cheer you on when you achieve your goals, who help you pick yourself up when you fall down, and who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Of course, no friendship is perfect, and there will always be times when disagreements or conflicts arise. But a true friend is someone who is willing to work through these challenges with you, who is committed to finding a resolution that is mutually beneficial, and who never lets a disagreement get in the way of your friendship.

At the end of the day, friendship is about finding someone who accepts you for who you are, who supports you through thick and thin, and who is always there when you need them. It is a bond that is built on trust, loyalty, and a deep sense of connection, and it is one of the most valuable relationships we can have in our lives.

So if you are lucky enough to have a good friend in your life, cherish that relationship and do everything you can to nurture it. And if you are still searching for that special connection, know that there are countless people out there who are looking for the same thing – all you have to do is reach out and make that first connection.

Friendship is not about who came first it’s about who came and never left.


Friendship is a bond that is built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. It is a connection that transcends time and distance, and it is one of the most valuable relationships we can have in our lives. But what makes a friendship truly special is not how long we have known someone, but rather the depth of our connection and the strength of our commitment to each other.

True friendship is not about who came first in our lives, but rather about who was there when we needed them the most. It is about the people who stand by us through thick and thin, who offer us support and encouragement, and who never give up on us, no matter what challenges we may face.

Think about the people in your life who have been there for you through the ups and downs. Perhaps it was a childhood friend who was there for you during your awkward teenage years, or maybe it was a college roommate who helped you navigate the challenges of young adulthood. Whoever it was, they were there for you when you needed them, and they never left.

Friendship is a journey that is filled with twists and turns, and it is often the people who have been with us through the toughest times who are the most meaningful and impactful in our lives. These are the friends who have seen us at our best and our worst, who have supported us through our darkest moments, and who have celebrated our biggest triumphs.

When we look back on our lives, it is often the memories of these deep and enduring friendships that we cherish the most. It is the laughter, the tears, the inside jokes, and the shared experiences that make these relationships so special, and that keep us connected even when time and distance threaten to pull us apart.

In a world that is often so focused on success and achievement, it is important to remember that true happiness and fulfillment come from the connections we make with others. It is the people in our lives who make us feel loved and supported, who challenge us to be our best selves, and who remind us that we are never alone.

So if you have a friend who has been with you through thick and thin, who has never left your side, and who has helped you become the person you are today, take a moment to thank them. Let them know how much they mean to you, and how grateful you are for their presence in your life. And if you are still searching for that special connection, know that there are countless people out there who are looking for the same thing – all you have to do is reach out and make that first connection.

Do you feel a strong connection with your old friends?

Friends occupy a special place in our life and heart but when friendship gets old, it becomes it creates an even deeper bond. You might not be able to speak or meet with each other often but the bond of friendship remains unchanged.

The feelings you hold for each other remain the same.

You feel each other pain and sorrow or happiness and joy even if you are not physically with them. When you get a chance to catch up again, you still feel the same comfort and joy in their company.

You are able to start from where you left going back and cherishing the moments you spent, the laughter you shared, and the stories you created.

No matter how busy your life becomes, make time to speak to them or meet them. You will feel refreshed, energized and feel like you have lived the best moments of your life again.

Some strategies that help for making friends include:

A close friend is honest and speaks from the heart with good intentions. They tell you what you need to hear in a way that you can hear rather than gossip behind your back.

A quality friend is trustworthy, not only are your secrets safe with them, but so are your vulnerability, fear, and weirdness.

Show interest in other people.

 Most people like talking about themselves and their interests. So ask lots of questions. Listen and provide positive feedback. Making people feel heard, admired, or understood can break down walls of awkwardness.

Find ways to spend more time around people who may share your interests or lifestyle. Clubs, volunteer organizations, activism, parenting groups, and other activities can provide fertile ground for sowing the seeds of friendship.

Be friendly to new people.

 It’s tempting to judge a person based on their appearance or the first thing they say. But by being kind and open to new people, you may discover that a person you initially disliked becomes an exceptional friend.

Make friends online.

 Shy introverts, people with demanding schedules, and others who don’t want to invest in a new activity can often nurture friendships online. A local parent or activist group is a great way to talk to lots of people online and to then meet or talk on the phone with people who seem like good candidates.

Get help for shyness or weak social skills.

 If you worry that people don’t like you, clam up when you talk to strangers, or fear that your social skills are rusty, the right therapist can help.

A friend is someone who makes it easy to believe in yourself.

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