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Be Happy, most people did not see their happiness because of looking at other people’s happiness and missing there self inside

There are always reasons to be happy about it, if you look in your life you will find many.

Happiness is not just the fulfillment of our own needs and wants, it is much more and much beyond that.

We all are blessed in many ways but we don’t see those blessings when we limit our joy to the fulfillment of our desires. When this happens, we fail to see the many reasons for joy that already exist in our life and start to miss every little moment of life.

Happiness is not just achieving something in life but time spent with your family and friends, going out and about, finding time to do things you like to do, exploring your own good health and well-being, and at times doing nothing at all.

Happiness might mean different to people but we all have reasons to be happy. You just need to find yours.

There are always reasons to be happy about it, if you look in your life you will find many.

Bhawna Gautam | source

A giving heart is always happy

Are you a giver?

Giving is the most beautiful form of humanity because you add comfort to someone’s life, and sometimes it may even change someone’s life completely.

Giving makes us feel complete because the satisfaction we receive from doing a good deed fills the void of our own lives. It makes us feel that our presence is meaningful. When we feel valued in our own eyes, we become happy and content. We never feel as if we lack anything in our life. So, we start to give even more. The more we give, the greater satisfaction we have and this satisfaction turns into endless happiness.

Give with all your heart, you will never feel any lack.

Dr Bhawna Gautam

Does gratitude help us to feel happier?

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation for what we have received and achieved in life. When we are grateful for everything we have, our mind sees the reason to be happy and content.

Be grateful. You will find more reasons to smile, keep smiling quotes
Smile quotes

One of the reasons why most people remain unhappy is that they overlook what they already have, in the desire for what they don’t. With such a mindset, we see ourselves as a failure and always remain unhappy. It is only when we feel accomplished, that we see reasons to be joyful. This feeling of accomplishment can only come if we start to see all the little joys of life that we have in everyday life.

Appreciate all the blessings in your life, life will bring you more reasons to be grateful.

Her smile is the simplest miracle that she can create anytime.” 

Smile quotes

A happy face wins everyone’s heart

Why does a happy person easily connect with people?

Being happy represents the state of our mind and our zest for life. People who show eagerness and interest in life always attract others because it makes even them feel light-hearted.

Everyone has a problem in life that makes their heart heavy, so when someone creates an atmosphere of humor with their action, words, or just a smiling face, it is very well received.

It makes people temporarily forget their disappointment in life, brings hope, and uplifts them.

Always try to keep your smile on. You will not only be able to spread happiness but also create some great connections.

Happiness is not at the top

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One thing that this year has taught me is that life is short, or I guess it just reiterated that. Change is inevitable.

We never know what the next minute or second holds. With that being said, let go of grudges, enjoy the company of those who treat you right, don’t dwell on things that we cannot change, and just embrace the moment!

Stop being so busy and take a moment for those things that are important: Dinner with mom/dad or an elderly family member, movies with your kids, or a massage/outing with a friend. One thing for certain is that you cannot get back lost time. So let’s avoid could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, and just do it.

Remember what’s important so that you won’t have regrets a week, month, or year from now. Life is about peace, leaving a positive mark, and enjoying life while you have it. Be that breath of fresh air for someone, including yourself.

Let Go and let God! Take that time when you need it because that job or another one will be there tomorrow. Love and be loved!!! I pray that you all have a great day and don’t forget to SMiLE!

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Love can make anyone blossom
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