Spend time with those you love

Spend time with those you love. The ones who add worth to your life are always worthy of your time.

Are you too busy to spend time with those you love? Our loved ones are sometimes the most neglected aspect of our lives. We don’t realize that the time we spend with them actually adds more worth to every aspect of our lives.

Many times we ignore our loved ones because we prioritize other things in life. Our work, social interactions, and interest become much of our priority because we see it as the best use of our time.

We must remember the time spent with our loved ones is the most productive and rewarding time because it adds value to our lives.

The exchange of emotions make us feel worthy, uplift our spirits, and make us more receptive to life. Give priority to your loved ones. The time you spend with them will give you the strength to do well in every other aspect of your life.

~Dr Bhawna Gautam

no beauty shines brighter than that of a good hearta family.

Your best friend trusts your abilities when everyone doubts it.

Have your imagined how different your life would have been without that friend who makes your life very special? Some friends do make a special place in our hearts because they understand us as no one else can.

Your best friend is the only one who knows you the best, sometimes more than your family. They are the ones who know about your dreams and aspirations. Even though you might have failed to achieve so far, they always encourage you because they trust you completely.

They stand with you and stand up for you because they believe in you. If you have people who make your life truly special, feel blessed. Admire and appreciate them for their presence.

you are with me I may not see you but you are with me you always will be.

Believe You will bringit into existence

Have you ever experienced the power of believing? Believing is our inner ability to initiate things to happen.

The stronger we believe, the more likely things will take place according to our wishes. There are times in life when we become desperate for something in life. It could be a dream you want to achieve, a person you want in your life, or a situation you want to overcome.

When you believe, without a doubt, your desires start to take a shape. Slowly with the intense internal force, you can turn them into an actual form. Believe wholeheartedly with truthfulness and genuine intent. The universe is there to give you, you just need to put your trust in it.

Dr. Bhawna Gautam

Things to remember :

Kindness is free,

Everyone’s journey is different,

Gossiping is toxic,

Nothing ever stays the same,

Alone time is good for the soul.

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