Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs

Build your own dreams

Do you try to make your dreams a reality?

We all have some goals and want to reach somewhere in our lives. To reach our destination, we need to first make the move.

Give every dream a chance
to become a reality

It is our desire to reach our goals that keep pushing us through this journey of life. When the desire is strong, we are not afraid to take the first step but when filling our minds with doubts we fear even to begin.

Most people let go of their dreams not because they cannot make them happen but because they don’t even begin. They fear that they might lose in life.

The fact is that beginning will only create a possibility but if you don’t, you will lose that chance anyway. If you have dreams in life, always give them a try.

The worse that might happen is that you might not reach where you wanted but it will surely open many other possibilities.

Dr. Bhawna Gautam

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