dealMark Twain once said, “The difference between similar words and the right words is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” In sales, your choice of words can make the difference between getting the sale — or at least, getting closer to the sale — and having no opportunity at all.
For example, have you ever asked prospects when their insurance renews? What does the word “renew” suggest? Does it give your prospect the impression that insurance automatically continues year after year, when in fact the current carrier will re-underwrite the account, and may decide not to “renew” at all? And if the insured is offered a “renewal,” it will be at a different premium, and possibly different terms.
Isn’t the appropriate word “expire?” That is, after all, where the term “ex-date” comes from. So when you say to a prospect, “When does your policy expire?” what message do you convey? read more…

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