How To Motivate Yourself To Study To Get Better Result

My Point? – Think about what you want from life. What do you want to drive, where do you want to live, what do you want to STUDY.. Not what you think you should want or what OTHERS tell you to want.


Figure out why you are studying what you are studying, why are you in school or college. What do you want? You want to be homeless? Drop out. You want to make 55k a year, finish school. Want to be rich? Want a degree? Want to be self employed? Want to help people? In what way? Want to be homeless and travel? WHAT DO YOU WANT.

Then once you know what you want… dedicate the rest of your life going after it. So why are you taking these classes or studying these things? If there is a purpose, then who gives a f^ck that they are not entertaining or of interest to you. Because you need to do whatever it takes to achieve what YOU WANT. It doesn’t matter if classes, homework, or books you need to read. YOU WILL DO IT, because your OVERALL GOAL is larger then that class or that book. Get through it.. Slowly, but surely.

You got this, I believe in you because I believe in myself. I am below average and I can do it. So can you.. I hate school, I hate reading, I hate having to be busy all the time. But… whatever it takes.

Remember: The greatest obstacle is not your diversity, education, the money, or anybody. The greatest obstacle is the person you look at in the mirror everyday. Believing that you can do it, getting started, and not quitting is the challenge

To be self-motivated to study is important for everyone. The self-motivation helps a person to commit towards the study or any project in life, be a good leader as well as involve in types of creative activities. Self-motivation can be available in the person as a trait by birth, however; it can be developed with time through regular practice.

When you sit for studies you read deeply, you understand all aspects of the subject and get a good command over it. So, this can be a subject of academic study as part of your curriculum whether it is at school, college or any other institution of learning or it can be any other subject that you like and wish to learn about. Whichever the subject of study is and whatever the reason to study, it requires a certain commitment on your part. Well, obviously that is why you are engaging in the study at first.

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