At First I Thought They Were Just Walking On This Huge Dam But I Was Shocked Few Seconds Later
In this video clip you can see WORLD RECORD Basketball Shot 126.5m (415 ft) – How RidiculousTasmania’s Gordon Dam is 126.5m tall. We went to the top and put a basketball hoop at the bottom. The rest is history (and a new world record)This is just wild. I saw one long shot completed once in a basketball arena (can’t remember which one or who made the shot) and I thought that was pretty impressive. This is just crazy!
The only thing with the Basketball arena shot was that the guy who made it really had to huck it out there. This one, the shooter had to place it just right with a lot of touch. But to watch that thing track for what seemed like forever and then hook in just at the last second was great! !
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