Welcome Home Sayings

  • Welcome back, relax and unpack
  • Welcome Back my dear, I’m glad to have you near
  • Much time I have yearned, for the day you returned. Welcome Back!
  • God bless the track that brought you back. Welcome Back!
  • You came back from afar, I’m glad that here you are.
  • Seeing you return is a sensation, It is a cause for a big celebration
  • Your journey has led you back to me, that is why i’m as happy as can be.
  • Our home is now complete, Rest your head and relax your feet! Welcome Back
  • My weary broken heart, now feels whole, I’m glad to have you back I hope you know.
  • Nothing compares to the joy I feel inside, to have you near me by my side.
  • Whether you come on a plane or a train, the joy of having you back I can not explain, to take away this void in my heart of such pain, from your presence I don’t want to ever abstain.
  • I love you from your head to your feet, to have you back I now feel complete.
  • I have longed so to have you near, and now you are finally here.
  • I now feel complete, having you near is so sweet.
  • You have been away for a time that seemed so long, but now you are finally back where you belong.
  • Life is like a song, now that you’re back where you belong.
  • The birds are souring, The sun has risen, my soul has finally been set free from it’s prison, my heart goes thump thump, my legs can’t help but jump. All my prayers have come true, because I am finally back with you.
  • Having you back is such a blessing, having you away was so depressing. Welcome back!
  • Such longing I had in my soul, I missed you so, I hope you know.
  • This smile on my face I can’t erase, because I finally have you back at our place. Welcome Back!

Welcome back home messages for husband

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