Reviewing the HTC 7 Mozart Smart Phone

Most of the smartphones nowadays have been taking advantage of the Android OS, and HTC is jumping in with everyone else with the HTC 7 Mozart; however, it has decided to go with the Windows platform. With many of HTC’s new devices being larger than the iPhone, the new HTC 7 Mozart is beginning to gain some major attention. Nevertheless, HTC hasn’t forgotten about Windows Mobile and since Microsoft introduced the new Windows Phone 7 platform, HTC promptly made a statement that it wishes to support both the Android and Windows systems. Together with the newer operating system, the new HTC 7 Mozart features a rather impressive 3.7 inch screen and they have also included several great features.
As the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone is now using the latest operating system by Windows, this phone is quickly becoming more and more popular, and the platform itself is excited about the ever growing creation of apps. The HTC 7 Mozart has also increased their requirements related to the hardware that makes this phone run. It uses the 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU that has 576 MB of RAM. You will really be able to experience the power behind this new smart phone when Microsoft puts out its update which will be improving the performance of the operating system. To differentiate it from the other Windows Phone 7 siblings, HTC added some special software like the HTC Hub app which functions as the portal for other nifty programs like the Photo Enhancer and Sound Enhancer for adding effects to those types of files.
In addition, HTC has updated the design of the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone. One look and you will find that the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone has a brand new design that looks great no matter how you’re looking at it. Another great thing is while the company has made these improvements the battery life has not suffered for it. This HTC smart phone will still last for 6 to 8 hours of regular use just like most of other smartphones. Recording videos is also quick with the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone and with the 8 GB of storage you will have lots of room to save all these videos. Also, they have taken care of the audio, with the SRS and Dolby Mobile enhancements. This HTC smart phone integrates with Facebook rather well and it has an Office document editor which is usually missing in many smartphones.
Some of the cameras in other smart phones come with a 8 megapixel sensor; however, this camera comes in a little short in this aspect, but it does feature the Xenon flash and geotagging. Furthermore, it is not possible to expand on the 8 GB of storage although it should be adequate particularly if you won’t record video. Another drawback is that this phone has not attained its full potential yet because the Windows platform is still being updated.
One good point is for those people who don’t get a new phone every year, the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone will continue to be updated constantly providing more features as the years pass. Basically, the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone is a terrific buy, particularly with the Windows OS and the new hardware configurations.
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