They’Re Trapped In An Elevator Together. What She Does? I’M Utterly Speechless
He wasn’t expecting his elevator ride with her to take this dramatic of a turn Please Share With your friends on Facebook. In this video clip you can see MUSLIM GIRL SAVES BOY IN ELEVATOR . this is a short movie clip . this short movie is a silenc video clip .
I believe this video is showing us that her using her scarf to cover the wound is better than leaving the wound uncovered even thought it goes against her belief. Don\’t understand why people are saying that she wouldn\’t have done this in real life. If you deeply believe that Muslims are not compassionate or caring people, that they would be far from this, then you\’ve been mislead. It\’s 2015.
People should know now to better understand things before judging and not believe what the media try to convince you believe.Why is there so much hate against Muslims? I see the point of the video and the message is cool, i full hope you full enjoy this video clip .after watching this video clip your thinking is changing . so thanks for watch this short video clip .
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