A Digital visiting card is the best to grow a business. Make a card for your work contacts, one for clients or customers, and one for your friends.

Benefits of Digital Visiting cards.

Digital Visiting cards are required if you want to grow your business. Due to Govt Guidelines COVID19 in 2020 and 2021 Handshakes and paper business cards are no longer acceptable in the world.

Make Free Digital card

Going digital means you can track your card, share it in seconds and leave a lasting impression on the people you meet. Digital visiting cards are always available when you need them and never run out, so you’ll never need to order more.

  • Multiple Languages
    Share your information in multiple languages automatically.
  • Sustainable
    Protect the environment by reducing plastic and paper consumption.
  • Communication
    Integrate your corporate video or catalogs and store them in an interactive format.
  • Always available
    Save it on the mobile home screen, you will never run out of cards again.
  • Analytics
    Know the number of visits, from where they visit you, how many times they access your publications, downloads, and card sending.
  • Viralize your content
    Share and let others share your card in any social network with a single click.
  • Location Map
    Your contacts will see the location of your business on the map.
  • Integration with CRM
    you can integrate contacts you generate on your cards with any CRM.

Best website to make Digital visiting card

According to the market research of 2021. I got thousands of companies and millions of users are daily use itsmyid Digital card and With DS Branding Digital Business Card.

you also can create and share your contact information that has Actionable one-click events like Call, Email, Whatsapp, Navigation, Website Link, Payment, Social Links, Maps, and more.

Make a digital business card → www.itsmyid.in and www.dsbranding.in

Inspire your clients Digitally

Yes! New trends of 2021 DS Branding digital business card is a great way to boost services and grow clients.

  • Easy. Create within minutes
  • Share from anywhere & anytime
  • Save trees and contribute to the environment
  • Impressive Rich Content
  • Showcase of Products and Photo/Video gallery.

Contactless business cards

You know DS Branding is the world’s largest contactless business card provider.

DS Branding Visiting cards are completely germ-free—no physical contact is required to send or receive a virtual card.  

Sharing your business card

Digital business cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere send the link in email, text, or social media, like Facebook WhatsApp Twitter, and Instagram.

A Digital card is always in your pocket, never tears, and never runs out. Your Digital card can be easily updated with DS Branding user-friendly dashboard, so you won’t need to re-print a business card again.

No Restrictions, Unlimited Usage

Supporting over 9 million people across 60+ countries, our digital cards improve sales efficiency, build quality connections and reduce your environmental footprint ✌️. there is no limitation on the number of times you can use the card.

Digital Visiting Card Company in india

If you are looking for a provider of the Best Digital Visiting Card Services in India, As per the latest Markit research report of 2021 itsmyid.in is the top digital visiting card company in India.


How do I get a free digital visiting card?

Create it and personalize your Digital Business Card in a simple and fast way visit www.itsmyin.in and install DS Branding app to make Free Digital Visiting Card.

Digital visiting card demo

If you’re active on many social platforms, this is one of my favorite tools. It makes it very easy to click on the social apps you use and add your username to the card.

Most of us are on so many platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more) that it can be overwhelming to share all of those details at once. That’s where Digital business cards shine.