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We ignore love

Love always comes with despair. It is there lingering in every kiss, in every touch. The most sensitive of us can feel it just biding its time. We ignore it for the pleasure of the moment.

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Lonely people Love

Lonely people are most sensitive of love’s despair or tragedy. They know life couldn’t be this good. To them, love is a vulgar trick.

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Lonely people are so thirsty for love that the moment they become lucky and get it, it fills them up completely. Their bodies are so drained that they burst with the slightest pressure. Consequently, they die of love or they go mad.

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Love experts tend to take it for granted. They are alcohol drinkers who don’t go for the alcohol in front of them as much as the high that it gives them. Slowly, the alcohol disappears and there’s only the high. Love disappears and there’s only the high.

Love is alcohol.

People who’ve always had love or are more experienced in it can handle it more gently. They’re like regular drinkers of alcohol who know which bottles to touch and not to touch. They know how many glasses before they become immobile.

The primary question when love begins between two people is how to avoid its end.

You expect a person who’s in love with you to like you absurdly. If you’re also in love with that person, you demand that she loves you absurdly.

you’re in love

It’s easy to write poems, songs, and other works of art when you’re in love. Art becomes you and you become art however, when you grieve for love.

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One of the most amazing things about love is that even if you hate it so much, you can’t easily get rid of it.

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