Worlds 8 superb sentences

Shakespeare :👌

Never play with the feelings

of others because you may

win the game but the risk is

that you will surely lose

the person for a lifetime.



The world suffers a lot. Not

because of the violence of

bad people, But because of

the silence of good people!


Einstein :👌

I am thankful to all those

who said NO to me It’s

because of them I did it



Abraham Lincoln:👌

If friendship is your weakest

point then you are the

strongest person in the



Shakespeare :👌

Laughing faces do not

mean that there is absence

of sorrow! But it means that

they have the ability to deal

with it.


William Arthur: 👌

Opportunities are like

sunrises, if you wait too

long you can miss them.


Hitler : 👌

When you are in the light,

Everything follows you, But

when you enter into the

dark, Even your own shadow

doesn’t follow you.


Shakespeare : 👌

Coin always makes sound

but the currency notes are

always silent. So when your value increases

So when your value increases

keep quiet
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